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IPB: Ligaments in
Pregnancy + Birth
In‑Person Training



Join Equilibrio’s Internal Pelvic Balance: Ligaments in Pregnancy + Birth in-person training to learn detailed anatomy and physiology with the most up-to-date research on uterine and pelvic ligaments.

Our in-person training focuses on hands-on clinical skills for assessing, balancing, and developing expertise in Equilibrio’s approach to uterine and pelvic ligaments. You’ll also learn advanced research on anatomy and physiology including variations of origin and insertion sites and ligamental structural changes in pregnancy. You’ll integrate this knowledge with hands-on experience in finding various origins and insertions in a clinical setting.

This course was designed for pelvic floor physiotherapists, midwives, physicians, and other professionals who are licensed to do internal work.

With this course, you’ll learn techniques to achieve:

  • Improving space for babies in pregnancy and birth

          ◦ Pregnancy: helps babies turn head down from breech presentation

          ◦ Birth: helps babies rotate and descend for shorter labors, less painful labors, and fewer interventions

  • Decreased pelvic pain

  • Decreased sciatica pain

  • Decreased sacral pain

  • Decreased coccygeal pain

  • Decreased vaginismus in pregnancy

  • Reduced need for birth interventions

  • Restored symmetrical labor patterns

  • Improved postpartum healing by establishing balance earlier




3 days





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