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Balance Your Birth




Use bodywork techniques for a more comfortable birth with fewer interventions.

Give your body the support it needs during birth! These bodywork techniques can be done with your partner or birth support person - and it doesn’t require any previous experience! Reduce complications and interventions with gentle techniques that take just a few minutes.

About the course

You’ll receive a series of easy-to-follow videos that will guide your birth partner to restore balance to your body and to your baby during birth. These techniques will help decrease your discomfort, eliminate pain, give your baby space to find their own ideal position, enabling a more positive birth experience with fewer interventions.

Here’s how it works: you’ll have access to this course via an app on your phone. You’ll begin by finding your dilation (0 cm with inductions, all the way to 10 cm with active labor and pushing stage). Then, your birth partner will follow the videos recommended for your labor, so you’re getting the exact balance you and your baby need in real time, no matter what your birth brings.

Restore balance during childbirth to maximize space for baby in the pelvis and uterus, decrease interventions, decrease the length of labor, and improve the birth experience for you and baby.


More positive birth experience 

Less pain in contractions

More space for baby to descend through the pelvis 

Less tearing / fewer episiotomies 

Fewer vacuum deliveries 

Fewer cesarean births

About Rachel

Rachel Shapiro Davies, Founder of Equilibrio, is a midwife and bodyworker who is passionate about restoring physiological balance during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. She helps individuals in her private clinic, and teaches Equilibrio techniques in online courses and in-person trainings to professionals around the world.

"The results are immediate - after the first time doing the ‘Back Pain’ techniques I was able to have a more restful night’s sleep"

“I love that the videos are super short and easy to follow, making it something I’ll *actually* do everyday. Already after watching it twice, I was able to remember the techniques independently and I love that. The results are immediate - after the first time doing the ‘Back Pain’ techniques I was able to have a more restful night’s sleep, with less wake ups/tossing and turning and I woke up feeling SO good in my body!”


- Dani, Balance Your Baby Student

Frequently Asked Questions

  • No! You need no professional training or previous experience in birth or bodywork to use this course.

  • Most of these techniques were designed for you to do with a support person or helper - with no previous knowledge or experience required for either of you! There are some techniques you can also do by yourself.

  • Yes, this course can also be used by professionals.  The techniques are easy to follow with simple instructions that make it easy to use by everyone- with no previous specific training in Equilibrio.


    For birth professionals looking to learn more advanced techniques and more in-depth anatomy and physiology and signs of imbalance, we recommend Equilibrio’s Balancing Birth Signature Course

  • No! You’ll only need a bed or couch to rest on.

  • There are only 2 things you’ll need for these techniques, besides your hands: some oil for your comfort as you move your hands on your skin (almond oil, or olive oil from your kitchen), and a sheet or wide scarf that you already own. A peanut ball is also helpful for some of these balance videos.

  • You’ll have access to this course forever!

Get Started

Take an expert guide with you into your birth space! Alleviate pain, reduce interventions, and produce a better birth experience for you and your baby.

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