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Balancing Pregnancy: Advanced Bodywork In‑Person Training (Part II)



Join our expert-level course in advanced bodywork to learn Part II of advanced balancing techniques for uterine ligaments, pelvic ligaments, muscles including the PSOAS and deep muscles affecting pelvic and uterine balance, as well as advanced fascial balance techniques that are specific to pregnancy.

Integrating these balance techniques into your practice will help your clients to experience more comfort and less pain during pregnancy, and will result in more space so that baby can find a more ideal position before birth. It also increases the ease of the birth experience while decreasing possible interventions.

We will also integrate a full bodywork session of advanced Equilibrio techniques, integrating Part I and Part II of this course for a full treatment session.

With this course, you’ll learn techniques to achieve:

  • More Ease in Movement (even in advanced pregnancy)

  • Nervous System Balance and Resetting

  • Fascial Balance (specializing in uterine and pelvic fascial balance, but of course fascia is global)

  • Decreased back pain

  • Decreased butt pain

  • Improved Pelvic Balance

          ◦ Sacral

          ◦ Coccygeal

          ◦ Joint

                    - Symphysis pubis pain or separation

                    - Sacroiliac joint(s) pain or decreased function

                    - Sacrococcygeal joint paint

  • Decreased leg pain and swelling

  • Decreased sciatica symptoms

  • Improved lymphatic drainage, and therefore decreased edema (swelling) in legs

  • Decreased varicose veins (in leg and in vulva)

  • Decreased neck pain

  • Feeling less “full” as baby keeps growing

  • Decreased headaches in pregnancy

  • More space for baby

          ◦ OP deflexed

          ◦ Breech presentation

          ◦ Transverse lie

          ◦ More space for each baby to find their own ideal position and degree of head flexion




3 days





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