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Balancing Pregnancy: Massage In‑Person Training



Get in-depth, hands-on instruction and feedback on Equilibrio’s Balancing Pregnancy: Massage techniques.
Equilibrio’s approach to massage in pregnancy brings a new and more in-depth approach to massage in pregnancy, based on in-depth understanding of how the baby affects the pregnant body, and how the pregnant body affects the space for the baby. If you are currently providing massage and want to delve deeper, this in-person training is a great next step.

This training is most impactful when taken after the Balancing Pregnancy: Massage online course. In the online course, you’ll get a more thorough training in anatomy and physiology, as well as signs of imbalance. These topics are only covered briefly in the in-person training, as the focus will be on the hands-on practice that complements and deepens your online training.

With this course, you’ll learn techniques to achieve:

  • Decreased back pain

  • Decreased pelvic pain

  • Decreased leg pain

  • Improved sleep at night

  • Improved lymphatic drainage, and therefore decreased edema (swelling) in legs

  • Decreased varicose veins (in leg and in vulva)

  • Decreased neck pain

  • Decreased shoulder pain

  • Improvement and treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome

  • Decreased headaches in pregnancy

  • More space for baby

  • Feeling less “full” as baby keeps growing




5 days





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