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Balancing Birth In‑Person Training



Get in-depth, hands-on instruction and feedback on techniques learned in the online Balancing Birth courses.

Integrating these balance techniques into your practice will help your clients to experience more comfort and less pain during birth, and will result in more space so that baby can find a more ideal position. It also increases the ease of the birth experience while decreasing possible interventions.

The in-person courses are taught in 3 distinct parts: Muscles, Ligaments, and Fascia, each taught in relation to Equilibrio’s signature 5 Soft Tissue Pelvic Levels™.

Completion of the corresponding Balancing Birth online course is required before attending an in-person training. In the online course, you’ll get a more thorough training in anatomy and physiology, as well as signs of imbalance. These topics are only covered briefly in the in-person training, as the focus will be on the hands-on practice that complements and deepens your online training.

With this course, you’ll learn techniques to achieve:

  • Easing inductions

  • Decreased back labor

  • Less intensity during contractions

  • A more centered cervix

  • Improved sacral mobility

  • Improved labor patterns (regular and consistent contractions)

  • A more activated parasympathetic nervous system (for increased calm)

  • More space for baby

  • Improved rotation of the fetal head

  • Fewer Interventions

          ◦ Less pitocin use

          ◦ Fewer episiotomies

          ◦ Fewer vacuum deliveries

          ◦ Fewer cesarean births

  • Better Birth Outcomes

          ◦ Less tearing

          ◦ Less bleeding

          ◦ Less time for birth of baby




2-3 Days





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