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Welcome to Equilibrio’s Free Parent Class for Pregnancy!

In this class you will learn how to balance your uterus’s broad ligament, making more space for your baby while improving your own comfort and ease. You will learn what role this uterine ligament plays in pregnancy, and how to add balance from the comfort of your home, in order to improve both your pregnancy and birth!

Let's get started!

Watch Videos

Introduction to the Broad Ligament

9 mins

Technique for Balancing the Broad Ligament

6 mins

NOTE: This technique is suitable for anyone who is pregnant, from 20 weeks and can be used daily through birth. It can help with general discomfort and it also helps the body prepare for birth even when someone feels no discomfort at all.

To review this technique, you can access this free class in Equilibrio’s education portal here. This link along with your login details have been sent to your email for your convenience.

This and all techniques taught by Equilibrio are intended for informational and educational purposes and not as a substitute for the judgment of a medical professional. Please see our disclaimer for full details.

We hope you enjoyed learning about the broad ligament!

To learn more of Equilibrio’s techniques that aid in comfort during pregnancy and preparing for birth, check out our online courses for parents.

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