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Welcome to Equilibrio’s Masterclass for Balancing Birth!

In this class you will begin learning about the respiratory diaphragm, an incredibly important and essential structure that plays a vital role to the space that baby has in birth. 

The following videos will cover:

  1. Anatomy & Physiology - Respiratory Diaphragm 

  2. Signs of Imbalance - Respiratory Diaphragm

  3. Balance Technique - Respiratory Diaphragm

If at any time you need to pause your learning, you will be able to access this masterclass via Equilibrio’s educational portal hereNote: login details were also sent to your email for easy reference.


Let’s get started!

Watch Videos

Anatomy & Physiology - Respiratory Diaphragm

9 mins

The A&P is essential to understand, in order to see when, where, why and what to balance in the body. Note: this A&P video is a condensed version of the longer, more detailed 30 minute video available in the Balancing Birth course.

Signs of Imbalance - Respiratory Diaphragm

14 mins

In this lesson we learn the signs that tell us when to balance the respiratory diaphragm in birth. This integrates your knowledge of the anatomy and physiology  into practical application, by giving clear signs from the birthgiver’s body that show when balance to the respiratory diaphragm is needed.

Balance Technique - Respiratory Diaphragm

8 mins

Note: This is 1 of 4 balance technique videos for the respiratory diaphragm. In the Balancing Birth course, we teach this balance in both the supine and side-lying positions, and include a longer video with detailed explanation for each, as well a short video for reference, once you’ve mastered the technique. Here you see the longer video for just the supine position.

We hope you enjoyed learning about the respiratory diaphragm!

We invite you to enroll in Equilibrio’s Signature Balancing Birth Course or read about other courses and offerings from Equilibrio.

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